We believe in the power of the environment children learn in, and for our first project, our ambition is to provide the most vulnerable children in Chile with a beautiful, safe, sustainable educational spaces where they can discover their own talents and thrive. We approach every project as a unique challenge and in the heart of each an one of them are the hopes and dreams of both students and teachers of every school we help.



Escuela Blue Star - Lo Espejo, Santiago de Chile 

Coming Soon!!


1.- As you may already know, we focus on building educational spaces! We start by scanning vulnerable schools to identify potential project

2.- After an initial review of the projects we select a few and present them to you with videos, pictures and an conceptual idea of what we could build for this particular school.

3.- As soon as we share the projects, we open a poll to the world! You can vote for your favourite project, we will develop the most voted projects.

4.- Please share the projects you love and help us reach more people

5.- After the poll is closed, and a project selected, we open a new project bottle to start raising money to design and build that project

6.- Now you can start registering your notebooks in the project you love, that way you are directly contributing to the project you chose