EnlightAID is a platform created to provide transparency for all kinds of social endeavours. We provide a transparent and interactive way to help people, showing the flow of money and what is actually done as it happens. Our team is building a software platform in which the stream of funds to social projects and charities is made visible to the world and the selection of the projects is made by the global community, thus challenging the status quo of what we know today about aid.

How does it work?


1.- FIRST, we connect with people developing amazing projects

2.- SECOND, we present the projects to you!

3.- THIRD, you become part of our community by creating a user. You can log in with your favourite social media account

4.- FOURTH, we open a new Project Bottle to raise money for the projects you love

5.- FIFTH, choose the project you want to become a part of and donate

6.- SIXTH, watch how the magic happens and we reach the goal! Please don't forget to share to support your favourite project and help us reach more people

7.- SEVENTH, receive updates of progress and payments

8.- EIGHTH, if by project completion we have money left you get to choose if you want to get your portion back or reinvest it in a different project!
9.- NINTH, choose your next project

A Light on AID

We believe in shedding some light on what AID is today by creating an open process, where everyone has the opportunity to become truly part of a project and have access to the information. 


We believe in a world based on trust and openness, thus we have created an entirely transparent process in which you can clearly see where every dime you invest in our projects goes. 


You are as much part of the process as we are, and we wish to include you in every step of the way from project selection, through fund raising up to project completion.

“Every human being is born into this world fully equipped not only to take care of himself or herself, but also to contribute to the wellbeing of the world as a whole. Some get the chance to explore their potential, but many others never get the chance to unwrap the wonderful gifts they were born with. They die with those gifts unexplored, and the world remains deprived of their contribution.”

- Muhammad Yunnus