Cómo funciona

EnlightAID es un negocio social internacional, hemos estado trabajando en este concepto desde finales de 2015 y en marzo de 2017 el primer proyecto comenzó a recaudar fondos en la plataforma. EnlightAID tiene su sede en Oslo, Noruega.

Nuestra misión lograr llevar la verdadera transparencia a la filantropía y los negocios sociales, para las personas de todo el mundo. Nosotros empoderamos a las personas que buscan crear un futuro mejor para las comunidades de todo el mundo, dándoles las herramientas para llevar a cabo sus proyectos de manera transparente.

  • Basics

    Keeping things transparent

    During the Campaign process, donations made to a project are registered with a unique transaction number which is then followed through the next phase. Once a project has reached its goal, it is moved to the Live Project environment, here each expense the team incurs while working on the project is registered by EnlightAID, and shown on their Live Project Page. All expenses will be reported through the system, showing you when, where, to whom and how much money was paid and are shown in a way that makes it  easy for you to compare to what the project budgeted for during the Campaign process.

    Moreover, if you are a donor, the minute your donation is spent it will be registered in the Where did my money go section of your profile, making it easy to follow the impact of all donations.

    To learn more about the stages of creating and being part of a project, or about what is involved in the process, click on the button below!


    Wondering about the rules of creating a project? Please click on the button below to learn more!


    Is EnlightAID a non-profit?

    We are not a non-profit, we are a social business. A company that aims to be financially self-sustained and that addresses a social problem, the problem we are fighting is corruption in aid.

    We are based in Oslo, Norway, and are established as EnlightAID AS, a developer of IT services for humanitarian organisations, under Norwegian law, since January 2017. EnlightAID is officially supported by Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

    If you wish to know more about our story and how we ended up doing what we are doing please click on the button below.

    Our Story

    We chose to be legally established as a company, instead of a non-profit because we believe that  a self-sustaining company gives us the ability to insure we give the best possible service to the organisations fundraising and running projects through our platform. We believe in investing in the platform and improving it continuously with the money we generate.

    How does it work?

    EnlightAID has no limits on how little or how much you can donate, by donating as little as a dollar you can help organisations run their projects transparently in order to help others. Through the platform, Project Creators can provide access to safe drinking water, education, healthcare, emergency relief or advance women's issues, or help others with any project they can dream of.

    Our main objective is to make sure every cent that you donate has a meaningful impact.

    In order to make sure this happens, we take a small fee from each project. With this money we keep things going, we pay for things such as hosting, software and hardware, design and development fees, and of course we must pay salaries to the people working for EnlightAID amongst other things. Please visit the Pricing Section to learn all the details about how much it costs to use the platform and where our money goes.

    To learn more about where our money goes please read about our Pricing structure.

  • Rules

    Rules to Start a Project

    Hello there, we are really happy to have you here! EnlightAID is a place where you can fundraise for all kinds of charitable, social and environmental projects, allowing you to manage your project and communicate with your donors with complete transparency. In order for this to work, we have created a few rules to even the playing field.

    Projects must be created with a charitable, socially or environmentally conscious goal in mind and must be clearly presented.

    EnlightAID allows you to get your bright ideas off the ground, it can be used to provide access to safe drinking water, education, healthcare, emergency relief or advance women’s issues just to name a few. That being said, every project needs to have a clear plan for creating something that brings good to our world, a well defined budget and a timeline that shows your donors how long is going to take for a project to be completed.

    All projects must be honest and completely transparent in their fund management and use. EnlightAID gives you the capability to bring transparency to your project.

    All Projects must run with an Open Book Policy, this means you agree to share the information on all payments done to make the project a reality through the tools given to you by EnlightAID to run your Live Project. Please do not try to trick our system in any way, any project breaking the rules may have all accounts associated with the Project (including but not exclusively all the Project’s Team Members Personal Accounts, Project Manager Account, Project Creator Account and Organisation Account) terminated and EnlightAID can issue a statement regarding the grounds for this termination to be publicly displayed on our site and any other means deemed appropriate by EnlightAID.

    Projects who have fundraised through EnlightAID must run their projects as a Live Project on the platform.

    Once you have raised the money you need to make your project a reality you are obligated to run your project on the Live Project platform. Here you must run your project transparently and are encouraged to share as much information on the activities taking place as possible. We believe in keeping your donors informed and engaged in the development of your project from beginning to end.

    Projects cannot offer cash as a reward.

    This one is pretty straight forward, please do not offer cash to your donors. These rules explain our core ideas, but they don’t cover every aspect of using EnlightAID. For more information we encourage to read our Terms and Conditions, Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy. If you still have questions, send us an email to contact@enlightaid.org.

    Terms & Conditions

  • Stages

    Get started!

    We welcome you to EnlightAID! Here you will find everything that you need to know about the process of creating a project or donating to one.

    For the Project Creator

    Create a campaign

    Creating a campaign
    To start a project first you need to create a Campaign, here is where you put all the pieces together to tell the story of your project. Follow the step by step process that is tailored to allow you to include everything that you need to tell a compelling story about your project.


    Once your campaign has been reviewed and approved it will be published by our team and you can start raising funds for your project. To be successful, we encourage to engage your audience as much as you can, post updates to your campaign on our platform and share it!

    Go Live!

    Go live!
    After a successful campaign, your project will start the Live Project Phase where all of your payments will be recorded and published by the platform showing your donors with full transparency where your money goes. Engage your community with posts on your progress!

    For the Donor


    Discover categories
    Browse through our site to discover the projects that make you tick! Navigate through 8 categories: Women and Children, Hunger, Environment, Education, Freedom of Speech, Health, Natural Disaster Relief and Social Business. Find what you feel will have the biggest positive impact


    Crowdfund and donate
    Great! You have found a project you believe in and you wish to support it. Either donate any amount you like or select a reward and donate at least what is defined by the project’s team as the minimum for it. Feel free to share the project on your favorite social media!

    Follow the transparency

    Following the project
    All successfully funded projects will have a Live Project page, where you will be able to track all payments made to make things happen! Here you will also see the project team’s posts about what is going on to complete the promises of the Campaign. We encourage you to stay engaged!
  • Pricing

    How Much is Our Fee And Why Do We Have One?

    EnlightAID is a social business, which needs to support itself financially while working to solve a social problem. We make money by charging a fee to the projects that have been successfully funded, if your campaign int’s successful there will be no fees.

    Costs breakdown


    Platform fee

    2,9% + $0,30

    Payment processing fee

    Our goal is to bring true transparency into the world of philanthropy, this means our work is not finished when the money for a project is raised and paid to the Project Team. We monitor every project through the Live Project Phase, making sure all payment information is registered and published for everyone to see. This means that our team maintains its engagement with all projects from beginning to end, not only for the number of days the crowdfunding process is going.

    Think about it this way, imagine an organisation fundraising to build a Shelter for displaced Children, EnlightAID works side by side with their team from the moment they submit their Campaign for revision, during the crowdfunding period, and through all the steps they will need to make to design the shelter, call the vendors, get the city approvals, build it, commission it and up until the point where they are actually helping the children, and that goes for every project that chooses to run on the platform. Only by charging a fee we can make sure our team can pay their bills and thrive, think about how hard it would be for us to work on empty stomachs and without having a roof to protect us from the elements!

    We aim to give people around the globe a better understanding of where their donations are going, opening the doors to a process that was, until now, happening mostly behind closed doors.

    We are a young company, being established as EnlightAID AS under Norwegian law in January 2017, this means that we have yet to reach our break even point.

    That being said, once EnlightAID is profitable 75% of all profit will be redirected back into the platform to support projects.

    The platform’s users, or in other words you, will be able to vote to which project that money goes, making the choice of where our money goes a totally democratic one.

    What Does EnlightAID Spend Money On?

    We believe in having competitive market salaries to attract and retain the best talent, which we hope to be able to pay once the platform has reached the break even point. As for right now, almost all of the money we have is spent on developing the platform, doing research, meeting with organisations that could be interested in working with us and on being part of events that promote social goals, such as Oslo Freedom Forum or Katapult Future Fest. The design and creation of our videos, presentations and marketing materials is performed  in house by our EnlightAID team.

    How Have We Financed EnlightAID Up To This Point?

    If you have read our story, you already know that we have been working on this for a while and might be wondering how we have gotten where we are. Between late 2015 and up to late 2016 we were completely self funded, all expenses were covered by our co-founders. In  December 2016 and February 2017 we got a seed investment from 3 private investors, of 130000  NOK (about 15000 USD). In Late March 2017 we received a first round of funding by Innovation Norway.