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KIDS COMPASSION CHARITY is a Mustapha Cole and TLC project. 
Musta was on the ground during the ebola crisis while Toni Lane was helping from the states by raising bitcoin to effectively fund transparent direct response efforts, as the lengthy process for bank transfers was a huge cause of casualties during this time. Musta and Toni Lane were inspired to start a charity after realizing how many children lost their entire families to the deadly illness. Thus, Kids Compassion Charity was born. Musta and Toni Lane have since hand selected a high potential group of kids without families to provide these fertile minds with a home, a sense of belonging and higher moral / traditional education.
We are starting small. Our first goal is to build out one school in Sierra Leone. When we are able to effectively care for the kids in this community, we plan to expand operations to help children throughout the continent have a safe space where they can thrive.
Our education program focuses on entrepreneurial skills, technology, integrity, language and love.

Meet our team

  • Toni Lane Casserly
  • Mustapha Cole
  • Scott Bieser