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WWF is launching eco-stoves that reduce in up to 40% the use of coal and wood to help save the Northern Highlands Forest in Madagascar.
WWF is launching eco-stoves that reduce in up to 40% the use of coal and wood to help save the Northern Highlands Forest in Madagascar
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The Story

Saving Northern Highlands Forest of Madagascar through eco-stoves

In one of the most intact forest on Madagascar, in the Northern Highlands close to 600 endemic species, not found anywhere else in the world, like the silky sifaka lemur are claiming your help.

Deforestation due to charcoal production is destroying their habitat! But people also need charcoal or wood for cooking! 98% of population of Madagascar depend on this fuelwood resource for cooking their meals.

A woman standing in front of stoves to be distributed

To find the right balance, WWF is promoting the eco-sakafo (“eco-meal”) through the use of eco-stoves that reduce up to 50% the consumption of charcoal or wood. The eco-stoves are ecological and also economical as, by reducing the quantity use of charcoal or wood, the families also reduce the budget they need for this daily activity.

Join us to save Nothern Higlands forest by promoting the eco-sakafo!

Our target is to start by distributing up to 750 stoves within the Northern Highlands communities, that will help save 135 hectares/year of forest with a capacity to store 1500 tons of carbon annually. And ensure at the same time the habitat for the silky sifaka and other hundreds of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians of this unique rainforest on earth.

The Silky Sifaka of Madagascar

The total of one stove's cost is 4 dollars. So the idea is that the EnlightAid donnors will contribute with 2 dollars and the community will be asked to engage to pay 2 dollar for a stove. 

The distribution within the communities will be conducted during a major environmental event: Earth Hour, in March 2018.

Young, women and environmental associations in the Northern Highlands will be invited to organize and conduct the event.

Saving Northern Highlands Forest of Madagascar through eco-stoves

A bag of charcoal is bought at 40 000 to 50 000 ariary (13 to 16 $) in the Northern Highlands, 2 to 3 times more expensive than in the capital of Madagascar, for an average use of 2 to 3 weeks.

Saving Northern Highlands Forest of Madagascar through eco-stoves

Use of improved cooking stoves can reduce wood consumption around 50% (for 100 kg of wood energy used with ordinary cooking stoves, only 50kg can be used with the improved one).

Expected results:

  • 750 improved cooking stoves sold to 750 households in the Northern Highlands.
  • Reduction of household spending relative to the use of wood energy.

Expected impact:

  • Reduction in use of energy wood.
  • Creation of local business to manufacture improved cooking stoves and its promotion.
The Northern Highlands rainforest of Madagascar


Potential Challenges

Launch a pilot campaign for the District of Andapa: WWF Madagascar is well known and recognized at the zone level. We believe that the campaign we are going to lead will be a lever for awareness and commitment for the people in the use of saving homes in the area and in the Region, and for the commitment of others actors to join the movement.

Create a local business: the improved stove sales campaign will raise awareness about energy saving. The stoves are still imported from other regions, and we would like a local business to be created for the local manufacture of these stoves whose sale will be facilitated because people are already sensitized through this campaign.

Reaching at least 25% of households in large cities: households in large cities are consumers of wood energy and coal. We believe that 25% of affected households can be a ripple effect for the entire population. In the future, we plan to extend the campaign to 4 other Districts around protected areas.

Project timeline

Eco-stoves sale
Results & follow-up
Project ends
10 weeks
5 weeks
Eco-stoves sale
1 weeks
Results & follow-up
2 weeks
Project ends

Project's cost structure

Budget cost overview
Title Cost Est.
Staff and administrative costs $650
Promotion of stoves $800
Communication before and after the event $300
Charges, unforeseen and emergency $500
Stoves' cost $1.500
Stoves' transportation $1.250

Team members

We have extended our campaign!

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Dear donors, 

We thank you kindly for your support in this campaign so far, we are still far from reaching our goal of 5,000 dollars which is why we have decided to extend the campaign. We are looking forward to take this project further and would love it if you could help us out by sharing this campaign. 


Kindest regards, 
WWF Madagascar Team